How your garden can add value to your property by Terra Verde

Wanting to sell?
How your garden can add value to your property?

As a British expat currently residing in Dubai, I am getting completely engrossed by the culture, atmosphere and climate of this fascinating part of the world. Adjusting to the Dubai lifestyle I notice there are plenty of differences between the UAE and the UK, the weather certainly being one of them. With these differences, in contrast come plenty of similarities. I can still run to Marks and Spencer’s to do my weekly shop and of course, if I want a taste of home, Fish and Chips is widely and readily available. The most noticeable similarity between Dubai and more specifically London is the extortionate prices for properties.

Rent and house prices are very expensive in Dubai but it was highlighted in local news recently that you could buy property in Dubai for as cheap as you could back in 2008!!! It appears now is the time to get on the property ladder and grab yourself in some way, a bargain. This got me thinking. Putting myself in the shoes of a seller in a market were house prices are dipping as low as 7%, how can you make up for lost ground in real estate? Well one avenue to explore is the influence your garden has on the value of your home.

This isn’t just an issue in the Middle East, these price dips occur all over the world and there are constant peaks and troughs. It’s a universal issue which is forever changing and by making a few changes to the outdoor landscape of your home, you could make some profit in the process. Let’s take a look at a few points or alterations you can make to your garden in order to increase the selling price of your property.

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Adam Pasco shares some of the latest gardening innovations

Anything that helps make gardening easier is a good thing in my book. It’s usually the simplest ideas that are most successful, and we’ve had several in recent years.

Of course new flower, veg and fruit varieties are being introduced all the time that have all sorts of benefits, from disease resistance to bigger yields, but I’m thinking more of gardening innovations and gadgets.

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Phill Vaughan-Williams writes about a new concept “Seed and Feed”

The gardening year, for us at least, starts towards the end of the summer, as we start to collect and store seeds from the myriad of flowers and plants that we choose to grow. Year on year, favourites feature heavily, some inherited from my grandparents, as well as those that we have collected through the years from friends, and through trying ‘a little something new’ from seed catalogues to keep our planting ever changing and interesting.

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