Di Stapley asks ‘is gardening ethical?’

There have been a few tweets recently about the RHS being unethical. This accusation rather surprised me, so I questioned one of the tweeters about their use of the word unethical; I was curious to know what made them arrive at this conclusion.

The response was to direct me to a blog, which expressed disappointment that the RHS had apparently withdrawn its peat policy and “refuses to go peat free”. This seemed to be the reason for the unethical accusation.

So I began my own research into the debate, using the RHS website and google.

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Ben’s Botanics writes about plant names

A lot has been said recently about the use of ‘Latin’ names for plants, or more to the point whether or not we should continue to use this dead language to name our plants. It’s easy to be put off by names like Mahonia eurybracteata subsp. ganpinensis (best known for the popular form called ‘Soft Caress’) and X Jancaemonda vandedemii, rare hybrid relative of the Saintpaulia (or ‘African Violet’), but do these tongue twisting names need to be replaced?

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Fibrex Nurseries write about “Genetics, over production, old age & new beginnings”

On behalf of Fibrex Nurseries here is my first ever blog. I swore I’d never do it, but they asked so nicely I couldn’t refuse.

For the benefit of the many and by way of an introduction I am Heather. Not A heather – although I love them dearly, just Heather thanks to prophetic parents. I tweet for the nursery, and am fairly integral when it comes to running things here in Pebworth.

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