This week’s jobs with Tom Cole of Writtle College

The Kitchen Gardener

Continue to pinch out the side shoots of cordon tomatoes.  This conserves energy and re directs it where the flowers/ fruits are forming.

Deadhead herbs unless collecting seed for future sowing or use as a seasoning.  Simply use shears on plants such as thyme, oregano and marjoram.  Plants will continue to send out new lush sappy growth and maintain a compact form.  If collecting seed, clean and store in paper packets in a cool, dry and dark place.

Sow beetroot, Calabrese, kohlrabi, oriental greens and salad onions.

sowing toms tips

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Climbing Plants with Tom Cole of Writtle College

Climbing plants may be twining or self-clinging, or scandent, trailing or scrambling. They may be used for a variety of decorative and security purposes and may be deciduous or evergreen, flowering or grown for their foliage, annual or perennial. Climbers may also be used for ground cover, and then may need pegging down!

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Tom Pearson shares his gardening journey

Gardening hasn’t always been such a passion for me, I grew up in a family of gardeners, my parents met a horticultural college and dreamed of living “The Good Life”.  I had a Saturday job as a teenage in a garden centre, but adolescence kicked in and that’s where gardening stopped.  One or two (OK a few more) years down the line, I met my partner, settled down and moved in with my Orchid named Pete (he’s 7 now and still flowering) and a Venus Fly Trap named Norman.

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