Hemerocallis ‘Corky’

Hemerocallis ‘Corky’

In our quest for ever more exciting garden plants it can be easy to overlook old favourites such as Hemerocallis. Commonly known as ‘Daylilies’, these hardy perennials are classics in British gardens, flowering through much of summer if you pick the right varieHemerocallis 'Corky'2ties and allow them to get nice and big. The common name ‘Daylily’ comes from the fact that each individual flower lasts for about 24 hours, but a nice big clump will produce loads of buds and these will keep opening over several weeks.

Hemerocallis ‘Corky’ is a corker! Not big by any means, this charming golden yellow variety will flower at about 2ft (60cm) tall. Its small stature means that it fits well in smaller borders, where it will flower beautifully for several weeks in June/July. The golden flowers of ‘Corky’ would work well with a ‘hot’ colour scheme, but would equally work well in a more traditional border. It’s worth looking at the side of the flower too; each petal is striped red on the back! Providing your soil is reasonably fertile and sensibly free-draining (not dry) Hemerocallis are fairly straightforward, especially in full sun or light shade.

Hemerocallis ‘Corky’ is widely available in the UK.


One thought on “Hemerocallis ‘Corky’

  1. frchrisp says:

    Agreed, a lovely plant. There seem to be lots of flashy hemerocallis around at the moment, but the reality rarely delivers quite the spectacular promise on the coloured label! Is it true that a lot of these hybrids are from the US, and don’t do half as well in our our more temperate and less extreme climate?


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