Could these be the most colourful plants at the Chelsea Flower Show?

For those who don”t know who we are.. we are Vicky and Richard Fox, and we specialise in Heuchera, Heucherella and Tiarella, and are also fortunate to hold the National Collection in all three genus!

We grow them, sell them and even breed these fab plants! You could say we are passionate about them! We show our plants at many shows throughout the year and love to meet everyone!

We are only midway through May and already we have exhibited at the Harrogate, RHS Cardiff, RHS Wisley and RHS Malvern shows, plus Powderham Castle, and held 3 open days at our own nursery.  I can’t believe how fast the year is going!

This is hopefully the first of many blogs for World Radio Gardening, and I write this sat in an apartment in Chelsea. We arrived yesterday to set up our display at the most famous flower show in the world!

Plants ready to be selected for Chelsea!

Plants ready to be selected for Chelsea!

As you walk into the Great Pavilion it is has quite an air about it, different from any other show. It’s a massive pavilion, housing the the rarest, most unusual, creative, most colourful, most knowledgeable, to name but a few. I’m sure if I’m talking about people or plants, but it’s all there!

Then, you have the specialist nurseries, who are not necessarily putting up the largest displays, and not with an army of workers, but just 2 or 3. Some are husband and wife team’s like us!
The specialist nurseries are jewels in the great pavilion. Most are specialists in 1 or 2 genus, and are bordering on geeky in their knowledge of a specific plant!

It feels like a huge responsibility to create a fabulous Heuchera fest in such an awesome place. The planning started last July, can you believe! This year, we loaded from our nursery in dry weather, but it was very, very windy. Wind is bad when your going to Chelsea, especially with flowers that are 3 feet tall on the gem Heuchera ‘Thomas. This plant has very strong stems, but I don’t want them going curved and wiggly. I want them as tall and straight as they can be!

That tall rascal, 'Thomas'!

That tall rascal, ‘Thomas’!

The weather changed, and as we arrived, we had to unload in the pouring rain, and we couldn’t get near our stand, due to the sheer volume of setting up! After a few hours, we had unloaded and finally arrived in our apartment just in time to have dinner at 10pm and off to bed.


That’s just a small taster of us getting our plants and display to Chelsea, when I get a moment, I’ll sit down and tell us more about the show, although this picture might give the game away…


Visit the Plantagogo website for a fantastic range of some of the most colourful genus!


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