Tom Pearson shares his gardening journey

Gardening hasn’t always been such a passion for me, I grew up in a family of gardeners, my parents met a horticultural college and dreamed of living “The Good Life”.  I had a Saturday job as a teenage in a garden centre, but adolescence kicked in and that’s where gardening stopped.  One or two (OK a few more) years down the line, I met my partner, settled down and moved in with my Orchid named Pete (he’s 7 now and still flowering) and a Venus Fly Trap named Norman.

Pete's First Flower

Next came a herb box on the windowsill, so I had fresh herbs for cooking.  We didn’t have a garden, but the steps to the house was suddenly lines with flowers.  My partner and my passion for gardening had been revived.

So here I’m, sat in the conservatory, surrounded by houseplants, listening to the wind, rain and hail outside.  I’m itching to get back into the garden, to feel the mud between my fingers and under my fingernails.  This weekend, the third weekend of the year,  I’ve promised myself I’m starting back in the garden after enjoying the festivities and not the following seasons cold.  My motivation is at a high.

SONY DSC Garden Rose From the Garden Steps

Aided by all the gardening shows on TV right now, but I guess this is the only point of the year they know we’re going to watch, while it’s dark outside.

I’m recalling the highs of last year, the successes and the not so successes.  We’ve been in this house 3 years now and last summer we were going to clear an area of the back garden for growing vegetables, would appear my parents had more influence on my than I would like to admit, as now my dream is to live a modern version of ‘The Good Life’.  Funny how quick plans change, there was a very pretty rose growing in the middle of the area I wanted for veg, so we decided to redesign the front garden to give it a special home for the world to see.  The front garden looks great, filled with a mix of colours and scents.  But, the vegetable patch was reduced to a smaller area.  This has taught me you don’t need a large space to get some great results, last years crops included, lettuce, tomato, peas, broad beans, carrot and runner beans… masses of runner beans, so many, we now have 3 gallons of runner bean wine brewing, I’m told it’s like sherry, I’ll let you know in April.

Home Grown 1 Home Grown 2 Home Grown 3

This year is looking to be an even more fruitful year, Santa delivered a gardening hamper with lots of seeds to grow.  I can feel the sunshine on my face as I sit admiring the garden, eating the produce I’ve grown and foods I’ve made with them.  2015 is going to be a blooming year for me.


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